Come fly with meat
Terminal 3

Have a meat sammy before you fly out of Pearson International Airport at Terminal 3, Gates 39/40.

6301 Silver Dart Dr
Mississauga, ON, L5P 1B2
Store Hours:
Every day 3:30 AM - 10:30 PM
College Street Closed
Thank You

With a heavy heart and after almost 10 years we closed our College St location in January of 2018. Unfortunately our relationship with our landlord made it impossible to continue. While we consider our options in what will be Act III of the Caplansky's Deli Saga, we encourage travellers to visit our location at Pearson Airport: Terminal 3. Most of all I want to thank our guests, staff, investors, suppliers and community for your support and encouragement. 10 years is a good run in the restaurant business. We served you as best we could, built relationships with you that we treasure and learned a lot about ourselves and each other. You're good people and I'm honoured to have been part of your lives. Here's to Act III: may it bring us all more joy and deliciousness than our humble beginnings.

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